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Oanda: Currency

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Plug / Socket / Voltage

Plug and socket types

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Scissors on plane?

Travel / Booking

- US Govn't Travel Advisories

- FAA - PackSafe for Passengers




Google Flights

Hostel World






Travel Blog / Guide

Backpackers 背包客棧 (Chinese)

Flyagain (Chinese)

FlyerTalk (forum)

Lonely Planet



eSim Data Provider

- esims list

- esimdb list




giffgaff (uk only) info





Three DIY





12306 China Railway 中国铁路

Baidu ZhiDao 百度知道

Map - AutoNavi 高德地图

Map - Baidu 百度地图

Map - Tencent 腾讯地图

Shopping - DianPing 大眾點評

Shopping - JD 京东商城

Shopping - Taobao 淘宝

快递100 (courier tracking)

Hong Kong

Visa - Requirement for each country


Octopus card is a must for all transportation needs and can be use for food and retail payments

Guide - Lonely Planet

Guide - Reddit

Guide - Tripadvisor

Guide - Wikitravel

Map - Citymapper

Map - Google Map

Map - HKBus 巴士到站預報 check bus arrival time


Visa - Requirement for each country

Visit Japan Web (VJW) - Immigration/Customs/Duty-Free QR Code ( for faster border clearance & no need to fill paper forms )


Coins - if you are accumulating too much and have an IC card. Go to a reloading machine and dump it all in. Remember the minimum recharge amount is 1000 or increment of 1000.

- Expanding on this, 7-11 all have the same machines, you can buy anything even a 12 yen umaibo and dump all your change in and get it back in the lowest number of coins or even a note.


ecbo cloak (luggage locker)

Gurunavi ぐるなび (restaurant guide)

Guide - Lonely Planet

Guide - Reddit

Guide - Tripadvisor

Guide - Wikitravel

Map - Google Map

Map - Navitime (Japanese)



JR Pass (railways)

Rakuten 楽天 (Japanese)

SnowJapan (Ski Resort Information)

Taxi - Go

Taxi - Uber

Toyota Rent a Car

South Korea

Visa - Requirement for each country

Immigration - K-ETA needed for some country

Immigration - Q-Code needed for everyone


Credit card - be reminded that credit card slip is not given out at most shops unless requested

Tmoney card is a must have card for your transportation needs in Korea. Can also be use for purchase. Card never expires but credit balances expires after 5 years of non-usage

Wowpass card is only needed if you do not any credit card. Because a lot of food stores are cashless, handling the purchase only via machines.

Discover Seoul Pass (my opinion) is not worth it. Traveling between some of these attractions may take up to an hour if you plan correctly. You are really rushing through a lot of places. Time to stay at each attractions should be kept to a minimum.

- Some people may say, the included Lotte World Adventure ticket is worth it if combined with other attractions. Lotte World on weekdays at pre-opening times of 0945. Lineup for rides/photo spots are extremely long. Maybe entering the park in the evening is better. But you will be wasting a lot of time just for lining up at attractions.

- Without Lotte World, it's probably cheaper to pay at each place individually as you can enjoy each attractions at your own leisurely pace


Guide - Lonely Planet

Guide - Reddit

Guide - Tripadvisor

Guide - Wikitravel

Map - Google Map use as backup as doesn't have walking direction

Map - Kakao Map doesn't require signup, have some english and is pretty usable compare to others

NaverMap and Tmap are in Korea only and/or requires signup

Seoul Metro (web) Apple iOS Google Play

Seoul Subway really compliment the map apps as there is train number and other information in english

Train - Korail (official site)


Visa - Visa-Exempt Entry

Immigration - 開放各類人士來臺一覽表

Immigration - Arrival Card 入境登記表 (online version)


Forumosa (online community)

Guide - Lonely Planet

Guide - Reddit

Guide - Tripadvisor

Guide - Wikitravel

Map - Google Map



Bus+ (Bus Train Metro App)

Bus Information 公路客運乘車資訊查詢系統

Taipei eBus 大臺北公車

BusTracker app (for Taichung)

Taiwan Railway 臺灣鐵路

Taxi app - FindTaxi

Taxi app - 台灣大車隊 55688


Business/First Class Ticket - show your boarding pass for priority arrival and departure
For arrival, you can use Immigration Priority Lane. It's located between the two standard immigration lanes and is sign posted (albeit not that clearly). All business class tickets can use it.
For departure, you can use Fast Track Lane (Security check / Immigration priority lane).

Visa - Thai e-Visa


Covid Test - Klook

Covid Test - Pulse

Guide - kimkim

Guide - Reddit

Guide - TripAdvisor

Guide - Wikitravel

Thailand Tourist Police Website: Telephone number 1155
Keep this number incase of any problems anywhere in Thailand.

Tourist Police is to help you, they understand that tourism is very important to their country. If you think that you were scammed, they will try to help you. But of course they don't do miracles, be reasonable.

Thai e-Visa (official)


Transportation for Bangkok

Bangkok three railway system use different contactless smart card for payment (as of 2023)

Airport Rail Link (ARL) uses Smart Pass
BTS/BRT uses Rabbit Card [green / dark green line]
MRT uses MRT Plus Card / contactless credit card

Bangkok’s Public Transportation System

Car Rental Info Recommend: Thai Rent A Car / Avis Budget

Taxi app - Bolt

Taxi app - GrabTaxi

Taxi - regular taxi, please make sure to use the meter

Train - State Railway of Thailand (offical site) iOS App Google Play

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