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Cappuccino: This beloved drink is two ounces of espresso topped with another two ounces of steamed milk and finished with two ounces of foamed milk.

Americano: Still not your regular drip coffee , this beverage is two ounces of espresso mixed with three ounces of hot water.

Mocha: The perfect cure for a chocolate craving, this beverage is 60 ml of espresso, 50 ml of chocolate, and 30 ml of steamed milk.

Flat White: With two ounces of espresso to four ounces of steamed milk , this drink may be a little more palatable if you’re not a fan of strong coffee flavor.

Latte: This beverage is a blend of two ounces of espresso and ten ounces of steamed milk. It’s topped with the tiniest hint—about 2 ml—of foamed milk.

Cleaning for your Home

Clog Toliet (if inside the pipe) - you could try putting crushed ice into the toliet and try flushing it down

Clothing - Vinegar as a Fabric Softener

Fridge/Refrigerator odour - put a roll of toliet paper inside the fridge. As toliet paper is porous, it will absorb the odour in the air.

Microwave (inside) - Using 2 cups of water, 1 chop-up lemon, and 3 tablespoon of vinegar. Microwave on high for 5 minutes. Leave it inside for another 15 minutes. All the grease and gunk will be easier to clean now.

Mineral/Water stain - use potato skin or toothpaste to scrub, then rinse off with water

Orange peels/skins use:
-Natural deordorizer, simmer it in a pot of water. (for use in spray bottle or pour it down stinky drain)
-Clean your kitchen sink, washroom basin and tub, use it to scrub it clean

Repel dust - add a little fabric softener to water to clean your everyday surfaces to eliminate the static cling that attracts dust

Stainless steel (prevent and remove fingerprint) - use WD40 to wipe clean

Stickers and stickers residue - use WD40 to wipe clean

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