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12306 China Railway 中国铁路信息技术中心

Baidu ZhiDao 百度知道

China Law Blog

GreatFire (uncensored internet)

Startup Living China

Taxi: use DiDi app as most driver don't accept cash

VPN Dada 大大

Courier Tracking



Driver License


Direct issue of China Mainland drivers licence?

How I Got a China Driver’s License in Xinjiang

中国驾照级别分类 (Types of License)

Chinese Driving Test


AutoNavi 高德地图

Baidu Map 百度地图

QQ/Tencent Map 腾讯地图

Online Shopping

Amazon China 亚马逊

DianPing 大眾點評

JD 京东商城

MeiTuan 美团网

Suning 苏宁

Taobao 淘宝



ecbo cloak (list of luggage spaces)

Gurunavi ぐるなび (Japan Restaurant Guide)

Japan Guide

SnowJapan (Ski Resort Information)

TripAdvisor: Japan

Japan Hotel/Travel Bookings (in Japanese)


Rakuten 楽天


Lonely Planet: Taiwan

Klook: Taiwan

Taiwan Receipt Lottery Most Recent Winning Numbers

Taiwan Scene

Visa Application for Hong Kong Resident


Taiwan Transportation

Bus Information 公路客運乘車資訊查詢系統

Bus app - BusTracker (for Taichung)

Railways Information 臺灣鐵路管理局

Taxi app - FindTaxi

Taxi app - 台灣大車隊 55688


Thailand Tourist Police Website: Telephone number 1511
Keep this number incase of any problems anywhere in Thailand.

Tourist Police is to help you, they understand that tourism is very important to their country. If you think that you were scammed, they will try to help you. But of course they don't do miracles, be reasonable.

Transportation - Bangkok

Bangkok three railway system use different contactless smart card for payment (as of 2019)

Airport Rail Link uses Smart Pass
BTS/BRT uses Rabbit Card [green / dark green line]
MRT uses MRT Plus Card [blue / purple line]

Car Rental Info

Taxi: use Grab taxi app or for regular taxi, make sure they use the meter

Bangkok’s Public Transportation System

TripAdvisor: Bangkok

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